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Handling divorce and family law matters throughout Staten Island and beyond.

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Divorce Lawyer- Staten Island

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I have been practicing law in New York since 2004, and I have handled hundreds of family law cases, including matters involving difficult child custody and property division issues.

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Family Law

Since 2004, I have been helping clients pursue positive resolutions to difficult family issues with a focus on each client’s individual circumstances and goals.

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Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorney

The best way to avoid conflicts after your divorce is to make sure your divorce settlement or judgment protects your interests and your children’s interests.

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Guiding Clients Through the Legal Process With a Proven Track Record of Success

Divorce cases and other family law matters can be stressful, confusing, and emotional. At such a difficult time, you need an experience and confident guide through the legal process – a divorce lawyer who will listen to your concerns and act on your behalf to pursue your goals.

I am a Staten Island divorce lawyer committed to helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes in a range of legal matters, with a primary focus on family law. At the Law Firm of David L. Moreno, my clients are provided with personalized legal advice and hands-on representation.

Understanding Your Personal Circumstances, Concerns and Goals

Staten Island Divorce LawyerIf you retain me as your divorce lawyer, my job will be to put you in the strongest possible position to move on with your life. In order to do that, I will take the time to understand your personal circumstances and then take all available and appropriate legal steps to achieve the most favorable results.

Born and raised on Staten Island, I know the local courts and the local legal community, and I use that knowledge to protect my clients’ interests in negotiations and litigation.

While my practice is primarily dedicated to family law, I also have extensive experience helping clients pursue personal injury claims. In every case I handle, I strive to achieve a settlement that protects my clients’ interests, but if that is not possible, I am fully prepared to go to trial.

Whether you are contemplating divorce, you are involved in a child custody or support dispute, or you have been injured in an accident, it is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible, To schedule a free consultation, please contact my office at 718-727-2327.