Representing Parents in New York State Child Support Cases

Child support is an obligation that lasts for years, having a serious financial impact on the paying, the receiving parent and ultimately the child. It is important to take steps upfront to make sure that the child support calculations in your case are done properly.

I am David L. Moreno, an experienced Staten Island child support attorney. If you are going through a divorce or involved in a child support matter for any other reason, I can help you ensure that our child is receiving he maximum level of support from both parents.

An Experienced Lawyer Who Understands the System

In New York, as in most other states, child support is calculated using a formal that is written into state law. While this formula may seem relatively simple at first, there are some special circumstances, that, if not addressed, can seriously throw off the outcome. For instance:

  • A person’s income for child support purposes may be different from what is on his or her tax return. For instance, certain employee benefits and stock earnings may be included.
  • A child’s after-school activities, unreimbursed medical expenses, private school tuition and other special expenses may increase the child support owed by the paying parent.

I am experienced at working with my clients to carefully identify and document all sources of income for both parents, as well as other relevant information. Only then is it possible to put all the numbers into the child support formula and come out with the legally appropriate result.

In addition to helping clients pursue fair child support determinations, I also frequently assist them with the modification of child support when circumstances have changed and the enforcement of support orders when one parent is not making the required payments.

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New York State takes child support obligations very seriously, so it is important for parents to take them very seriously as well. To discuss how I can assist you with your child support case, call my office today at 718-727-2327 to schedule a free consultation.

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