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Looking for a good divorce lawyer close to Staten Island? David Moreno can help you! At the Law Office of David L. Moreno, our team is ready to work patiently beside you to ensure that your divorce is handled with great care.

We understand that divorce is a delicate matter, which is why our team of lawyers will be committed to your case and give you personalized advice for you to move on with your life. We’ve handled family cases since 2004, including matters in divorce, legal separation, child custody, and property division.

Call us today at 718-727-2327 to see what we can do for you. We’d be delighted to find a way through your difficult time.

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Divorce Lawyer Staten Island NYLaw Office Of David Moreno

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A family related legal issue can be very frustrating, You really need a professional Divorce lawyer in Staten Island with good expiring in family law. There are really a plenty of sensitive matters that you need to take in account before you proceed. David L. Moreno as a divorce lawyer can assist with that. With over 12 years of experience in 100s of cases. Whatever the situation is, we are here to help.

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