Helping Clients Pursue and Oppose Family Court Modification Petitions

Many people believe that, once they are divorced or have put a child custody and support agreement in place, their legal troubles are over. But over time, these arrangements may need to be modified – a process that can be just as contentious as the original case.

I am David L. Moreno, an experienced Staten Island modification attorney. Whether you need help pursuing a modification of a family court order or opposing a modification petition by another party, I can help you understand your options and advocate for your position.

Understanding the Principles for Modifying Existing Arrangements

A divorce decree or other family court order can impose obligations on the parties for years to come. But when circumstances have changed, those obligations may no longer be realistic or appropriate. Under New York State law, all of the following court orders can be modified:

  • Child Custody: If your child’s current custody and visitation arrangements are no longer serving his or her best interests, I can help you pursue a child custody modification.
  • Child support: If either your or your child’s other parent has had a change in income or your child’s expenses have changed, I can ask the court to modify the support order.

  • Alimony: If you are no longer financially capable of making your required alimony payments, I may be able to help you obtain a modification of the spousal support order.

Frequently, the parties to a family court order do not see eye to eye on whether it needs to be modified. In addition to helping clients pursue modifications, I also help clients oppose them, and I am fully prepared to aggressively litigate modification disputes when necessary.

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